Dear travelers,

We leave the wonderful country Mauritius, because the way leads us further to Lisbon. The editorial you're reading was written on Largo dos Trigueros. More specifically in a cafe named O Corvo. Imagine it is a really warm late summer evening. One of those we have in Germany too rarely. You are surrounded by many people. Tourists who are passing through on the way through the Mouraria neighborhood. A group of young, alternative, individual Portuguese are sitting next to you. They laugh a lot, talk a lot and smoke roll-your own. There is a band playing in your back. The guitar playing is reminiscent of the music genre Bluegrass. It may be that the harmonica does the rest. Your face is heated by the sun and the wine in front of you, but the light wind cools it from time to time a little.

You will smell the delicious scent of freshly roasted fish eaten at the next table. Your feet are burning with every step but you are happy that you have been able to experience and see so much today.

Can you imagine it?

That's exactly how I'm sitting here. I'm traveling alone this time, which means you have plenty of time for yourself, time to think. But also time to perceive the impressions more intense. On the short trip to Lisbon a lot ne stuff for the magazine has been created. I hope you enjoy reading and watching the pictures. So now the band gets a bit annoying. Soft background music is something else ;-) I'm getting tired and go to bed.

In this sense, good night, dear ones, wishes you,


  • Country facts for show-offs

    Country facts for show-offs

    Capital: Lisbon

    Language: Portuguese

    Expanse: 92.212 km²

    Continent: Europe

    Zeitzone:  UTC±0, UTC±1 (March till October)

    Currency: Euro (EUR)

    Highest height: Ponta di Pico (2351m)

    Airport code: LIS Lisbon Portela Airport (Lissabon)

    OPO Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto)

    FAO Faro Airport (Faro)

    FNC Madeira Airport (Funchal)

    Government: semi-presidential democracy

  • National...


    dish: Bacalhau dried cod, port wine, pasteis de nata

    sport: Football

    animal: Galo de Barcelos (Rooster of  Barcelos)

  • Travel tips

    Travel tips

    Vaccinations: no special vaccine protection necessary.

    Entry requirements from Germany ID card, passport, no visa necessary

  • Language skills for beginners

    Language skills for beginners

    Hello: Bom dia

    Good evening: Boa noite

    Thank you: obrigado (male) obrigada (female)

    Cheers: Saúde

„I have to take a closer look at the country on the Atlantic coast of Europe. There are beautiful beaches and a coastal landscape that is absolutely fascinating. If the rest of the country is as charming as Lisbon it is worth a trip to Portugal.“