Dear travelers,

2016 was my first time on Scottish soil. Almost in love, with a lot of claims I came to Scotland and I came back madly in love, because everything you've seen in pictures and read in great travel stories, it's true! Scotland is fantastic, quaint, originally, natural, rough, friendly, green, superstitious, proud, mystical, happy, delicious, powerful, unusual, animal, quiet and so much more. Especially for nature lovers, it is amazing. In 2016 we made a road trip by car. In left-hand traffic through Scotland for us left-hand-drivers it was a small challenge but no hurdle, which we could not master.

Unfortunately, with the Isle of Skye, Sterling and Edinburgh, we have not been able to get close enough to Scotland, but it was enough to swear I would come back. In December 2018 it is time. Scotland I come to visit you. Only for a long weekend but that quenches my longing. In the magazine, I'll take you through all of my big and small adventures that I've experienced and will experience in Scotland, and I hope I can pair you up with Scotland so that you feel inspired and will travel there too.

Stay curious!
Yours Saskia