Star and Key of the Indian Ocean

The conclusion first. Mauritius ist definitly worth a journey not only if you stay in a luxury five star resort but particularly when you take the trouble to get to know the country and its people.

When you first step on mauritian ground after an eleven hour flight, the small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean wich lies aproximatly 870 km east of Madagascar and belongs to the African continent, directly puts a smile on your face. The whole entry area of the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is decorated with the cheerful colours of the mauritian flag. Every five metres the flag leads the way to the friendly customs officer. You ask yourself: „Is there currently a celebration?“ In fact the young republic is celebrating the golden independence anniversary this year. 50 years of independence from the colonial power Great Britain.

The 1.3 milion mauritian people are proud of their island and they like to show it. It is not unusual when every taxi driver is praising his quality as the best tourist guide of the island and when you have a positive impression and have trust in his driving skills it is worthwhile to engage him for excursions over the island with an area of 2040 square kilometres. It is from the north to the south 70 kilometres and from the east to the west 55 kilometres long. With a taxi driver you have the chance to explore the island in a relaxed way and the bustle of left drivers, busses, motor scooters, trucks loaded with mountains of sugar cane, dogs wich desperately try to cross the roads, humans and from time to time a view apes do not interfere you.

The mauritians love their island and their attitude towards life. On weekdays they work hard, in the tourism sector also on weekends or when there is demand but normally on weekend it is time to relax.

Many families and friends meet at the Filao groves which flank the beaches and celebrate the life, music and themselves with a mount of self cooked food an sugar cane liquor or rum. Mostly you are looking for palms in vain because their roots can´t resist the summer cyclons which regularly hits the coast.

As a tourist you often think of indian, chinese or creole people but never forget despite the many differences in culture and religion the population of Mauritius is an united, cheerful and peaceful Community. They are not Creole, Chinese or Indians, they are all Mauritians.

Since the discovery by the Portuguese to the Netherlands to France every nation has left traces. Most recently Mauritius belonged to the British Empire. It was British Crown Colony. A moving history which the flightless heraldic bird Dodo and the Giant Tortoises had pay with the extinction of their species because the european invaders ate them as a welcome diverse to the salted meat.

Mauritius has a colourful and indivdually effect on its visitors and their 5 senses. So it is not surprising that the smile on your face remains during the entire stay on the island and with a little bit of luck you can bring it home with you.«

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