Merry Scotland - Why Scotland is magical in the Christmas Season!

Before traveling to Scotland this holiday season in the run up to Christmas, I was unaware that Christmas and all the fuss is so high on the Scots.

For me, that makes the Scots lovable I think the Scots are crazy about Christmas. Almost everyone, whether a man or a woman, comes to meet you with a more or less funny Christmas sweater. Sometimes the own head forms the head of an elf, which is printed on the pullover. Now these sweaters are a matter of taste but I think they are great. Maybe not the elf with my head but otherwise I find Christmas sweater great. Of course there are Christmas earrings, Santa hats, Christmas ties and much more. The bus driver is greeted with a Merry Christmas.

In Glasgow, the center of the Christmas scene is the George Square. It is festively decorated with many flashing lights and offers the visitors everything their heart desires in sweets and delicacies.

Especially in the shopping mile the shops are decorated with many lights and everywhere a Christmas carol is thudding. In front of the Gallery of Modern Art, the statue of the Duke of Wellington is usually decorated with a traffic cone, and at Christmas, the proud steed adorns a Christmas wreath. Edinburgh's Christmas is celebrated from November 16th 2018 to January 5th 2019, it will give you a lot to get into the Christmas spirit or to lose it. Depending on how much you can handle.

Christmas lights, ice skating at St. Andrews Square, Christmas Market, Ferris Wheel and Star Flyer in East Princes Street Gardens and the Santa Land. Silent Light offers its visitors a silent Christmas lights street party. The zoo is specially lit and there is also a Christmas lightshow in the Royal Botanic Garden.At the weekend, millions of people are around in the area of ​​Princes Street Gardens. Then getting a table at a restaurant is a seemingly impossible task.

I am not a crowd friend but I am a friend of Christmas and all the magic around. For this reason, a visit to Glasgow and Edinburgh in the run-up to Christmas was something special and worth seeing for me.

The holiday season in Scotland does not just mean lights and consumption, it also means generosity and charity. The Scots donate a lot. Everywhere there are nuns or Christian youth collecting donations. The many homeless are provided with small funds or simply with food. I really had the feeling people liked to give. I think it's especially good at this time of the year to be generous , even if it's just a smile or a "Merry Christmas".