The Mallorca Brit

The first impression remains.

Being in Glasgow for the first time means getting to know a new site of Scotland. So far, only Edinburgh was familiar to me. Glasgow draws a very different picture of Scotland.Edinburgh means history, fairy tales and tradition.

Glasgow, on the other hand, is somehow less Scottish in the stereotypical sense, but more English after the first impression. It is louder, you see a lot more homeless, it is dirtier, the people here remind more of the typical British, as you know from Mallorca holidays. This is all peppered with prejudice, but somehow corresponds to the truth. Glasgow is edgier than Edinburgh.

Scots must really descend from intrepid, absolutely resistant Vikings, because cold does not seem to bother Scottish men and women. While I´m wearing my undershirt, wool shirt, sweater, fleece jacket, rain jacket, scarf, hat and gloves, the Scotsman likes to wear T-shirts and shorts when the temperatures are below freezing. Why not the sun is shining. It´s time for, the woman touches her head Emoji. I was really torn between fascination and bewilderment at the viking behavior of the Scots.

Friday night in Glasgow

It is particularly impressive when at night the girls in really very short clothing, which covers only a fraction of the female body and can just as well be considered dressed and shoes that are otherwise found in the twilight of a red light district. Then the bewilderment reached its climax in the face of this flu-shouting behavior. I buried my head, then even deeper in my scarf to protect myself from the freezing cold.

The morning after

On a Saturday morning, walking along Sauchiehallstreet is like a true slalom obstacle course and the hurdles are leftovers, broken glass and vomit. I'm not a party animal myself but Glasgow seems to be celebrating.

I was also fascinated by the fact that in Glasgow I had to find out what you can do with eyebrows and I do not mean the kind of eyebrows that fit harmoniously into the face and form a framework for it. No, I mean reddish brown to black, at least an inch thick, painted with paint beams that dominate every pretty girl's face and look like a car accident, you have to look. Really not a nice trend that I was able to admire in Glasgow. Naturalness does not seem to enjoy much popularity and make-up establish itself as the best friend of a girl.

The people of Glasgow still have some of the working-class charm of an industrial city that Glasgow once was.

It would be unfair for Glasgow to paint only the image of a working-class city. Glasgow is the Scottish stronghold for beautiful street art. Entire paintings are left here on fronts of houses. I think it's done to make the city a bit more colorful and that works very well.

There are plenty of things to do in Glasgow, including the Glasgow Science Center, the People's Palace, the Riverside Museum of Transportation and Technology, the GoMA Gallery of Modern Art, and the lovingly decorated Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Those who love historic buildings will find what they are looking for in Glasgow, and St. Mungo's Cathedral houses the tomb of Glasgow's patron saint.

Next to St. Mungo's Cathedral is the Glasgow Necropolis. On a quiet mountain in the middle of the city you can find impressive old tombs and you have a great view over Glasgow.

Usually I explore the cities I visit on foot. In this case, I had to make an exception, because my foot had an injury. Alternatively I dared the first time a Hopp on Hopp off bus and I thought the tour was not so bad. I even did the tour through Glasgow twice.I do not know if it will take me a second time to Glasgow. Nevertheless, I would like to make my recommendation for this edgy, friendly and charming city, even if the charm is a special one.